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About E-steel online

E steel online Agel Ecommerce Ltd was founded in 2013, is a subsidiary of Liaocheng Xin peng.Our vision is to become a commodity trading platform, the most influential international, the world's largest steel pipe sales center.

The company through the establishment of online trading platform, online financing,warehousing, logistics integration and other related services to provide more detailed anddeeper electronic commerce customer service.

The company after years of development and group, has the following advantages:

A broad customer base

The company based on the iron and steel enterprises and related industries to reduce the cost,obtain information to improve the decision accuracy demand, the Internet technology, provides the fine service, has won wide recognition within the industry. The company members in the steel industry, the downstream, covering the entire industry chain, lay a good foundation for thetransaction set.

A deep understanding of the market

The company after years of development, cultivate a large number of very familiar to the steel trade professionals, have a clear understanding of the key warehouse on around, and around the warehouse logistics agency made extensive and in-depth contact.

Company as a professional manufacturer's companies, the position in the market, in-depth understanding of all aspects of the demand of steel trade enterprises, and the establishment of market participants with good communication channels, which will play an important role in thecooperation with banks, logistics companies, credit company.

Talent advantage

The company has established a team of experienced, the reasonable structure of themanagement team. Or they have iron and steel industry information collection and marketing experience, or with the B2C e-commerce platform operation experience, or with the Internettechnology research and development experience, the future trend of technology and business development process, the iron and steel industry and related industries B2C e-commerce platform has a profound understanding, to lead the company in the Internet e-commerceindustry in innovation. The healthy, rapid development.

The company has a number of long-term exposure to the market first business people, keep in close touch with the steel trader, daily, the end user, has a deep understanding of the steel market. Has the industry background of the staff, will enable the transaction platform, thecustomer service in the transaction service, have unique advantages of market development.Company to "innovation, mutual win-win situation, and strive to become a good helper for steelusers" for the mission, to provide value-added services to the "integrity innovation ecologicalThanksgiving self-esteem" philosophy of service to our customers.

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